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I am participating in the 20km of Brussels to support breast cancer research.

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Who are we?

BIG against breast cancer is the philanthropy department of Breast International Group (BIG), an international non-profit organisation for academic breast cancer research groups from around the world.

BIG’s mission is to facilitate and accelerate breast cancer research internationally.

Linked to over 3.000 hospitals and 10.000 breast cancer experts, BIG is the largest international network dedicated solely to breast cancer.
We collaborate with one same ambition: find a cure to breast cancer!

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The personal data collected by BIG through this form is required to send your tax receipt to you. 

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To exercise the rights above, please contact us on following address:
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How will your donation be used?

The donations BIG receives are spent on BIG’s own breast cancer research. When supporting BIG, you are part of practice-changing research and initiatives.

Between 2012 and 2020, BIG received over € 132 696 663*, of which 94.4% was spent directly on research conducted under the BIG umbrella, making a huge difference in the lives of women and men with breast cancer. 

The Breast International Group is proud to adhere to the Code of Ethics of the VEF-AERF

*funding for study collaborations involving pharmaceutical and other partners, as well as from the philanthropic work of BIG against breast cancer