Research saves lives.

BIG Time for Baby is an international study programme which requires numerous resources in order to bring important results to the field of breast cancer research. Here are a few examples of how your donation is helping to change the lives of people living with breast cancer.

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One-time donation

  • Covers participation costs of a single patient over the course of two weeks

  • Covers participation costs of a single patient over the course of one month

  • Covers participation costs of a single patient over the course of one year


Monthly gift

  • Enables one researcher to follow one patient over the course of one year

  • Funds data centre so results can be validated

  • Covers participation costs of one patient's full year

Your tax reduction

Donations greater than or equal to € 40 per year are tax-deductible for residents in Belgium.
You will receive this certificate automatically in the course of the following year. The tax deduction is 45% of the amount of your donation.
For example: if you donate 40 € to BIG against breast cancer you get 18 € and only pay 22 €.
If you donate from another country and want to know if this donation can be tax deductible, contact us!
Tel + 32 2 486 16 00

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To exercise the rights above, please contact us on following address:
BIG Data Protection Officer
Breast International Group
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Tel + 32 2 486 16 00
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How will your donation be used?

Between 2012 and 2019  BIG received more than € 115,000,000, of which 94.1% was spent directly on research conducted under the BIG umbrella, making a huge difference in the lives of women and men with breast cancer.  

Do you prefer to make a classic bank transfer? Our IBAN number is BE08 0689 0916 0213.

Thank you very much for your support.