Together we will cure breast cancer

Metastatic Breast Cancer GPS(scientific name: AURORA).

Similar to a navigation assistant that plots routes, the“Metastatic Breast Cancer GPS” maps the routes taken by cancer cells by analysing their abnormalities in a wide range of genes and at different stages of the disease, i.e., on the primary tumour, on the metastases and in blood samples.

By anticipating the routes taken, it will be possible to block (with highly targeted drugs) and thus slow down or even stop the metastatic process in the future. By understanding how to block the progression of cancer cells, the process is delayed and may even be stopped permanently.

Help us map the routes to stop or slow down metastatic breast cancer.

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  • Covers the cost to analyse five genes

  • Covers the cost of freezing and storing one patient's tumours for future research

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The donations BIG receives are spent on BIG’s own breast cancer research. When supporting BIG, you are part of practice-changing research and initiatives.

Between 2012 and 2020, BIG received over € 132 696 663*, of which 94.4% was spent directly on research conducted under the BIG umbrella, making a huge difference in the lives of women and men with breast cancer. 

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*funding for study collaborations involving pharmaceutical and other partners, as well as from the philanthropic work of BIG against breast cancer